38 percent of Smartphone Users choose BlackBerry

ChangeWave Investing likes to get their hands dirty when doing their stock research. Every four months they conduct a survey on smartphone demand, and the results of their July survey show a clear changing of the guard based on the 3,003 respondents polled.

It's good news for Research in Motion. To the question "Who is the manufacturer of your current smartphone?" they widened their lead to 38% from 33% in April's survey. It's bad news for Palm, who's demand for Treo devices are continuing to slide. Consider that the quantitative reason why Engadget flamed them this week.

The October 2007 Survey will really show the true Tale of the Tape. In the July survey, Apple's iPhone had 4% of the respondents' market share, which is impressive considering the phone was only available for literally a few days when the survey was conducted. Continue that early success for four months and its possible they will leap Palm and be breathing down RIM's neck.

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