I want ALL the Z10s! 

I'm no economics professor (but my bro-in-law @jayhum's dad is!), so I know enough to understand the law of supply and demand. Globally, there is a lot of demand for the newly-released BlackBerry Z10. With the Z10 only launched in a few markets though, including Canada but not the USA, that can't yet be said for supply.

For enterprising individuals, this means there is a big opportunity out there to get Z10s in the hands of people who want them at any cost. We already saw Z10s popping up on eBay and selling for over $2,000. And we've heard stories from our friends in the UK of well-off individuals from Dubai coming into stores and buying out every Z10 they could get their hands on. While not sanctioned by us, we're seeing a lot of CrackBerry members north of the border trying to help out those south of the border as well.

Strolling through our BlackBerry Z10 forums this morning, I came across this thread displaying a new listing on Kijiji. Someboy in Quebec wants to buy up all the BlackBerry Z10s they can get their hands on. Odds are they'll want to unlock the BlackBerry Z10 and then resell it at a mark-up for use on carriers where it's not available.

So what should make out of all of this? You know what they say... actions speak louder than words. And it's actions like this taking place that signal to me that the BlackBerry resurgence is off to a great start.