Although most BlackBerry 10 users tend to use the web browser for checking out YouTube I'm still an app man and SuperTube is the one I turn to each day. Only a month or so since its last update yet another has shown up in BlackBerry World - confirming that the developer is keen to deliver the best experience possible. 

As I've said before - although the BlackBerry 10 browser does a fantastic job when it comes to YouTube, I still prefer an app and SuperTube gives us that true BB10 look and feel with its light or dark theme and simple menu.

There's a free edition of the app so why not give it a try? I suspect you'll be pleasantly surprised. 

New additions include: 

  • audio extraction from local videos feature added (go into "Local Videos" and long tap on a thumbnail).
  • 1000% faster loading local videos list! Remember that from local videos list it's possible to upload videos to YouTube by sharing them.
  • performances improvements when loading video thumbnails.
  • added author and title information in the shared video link.
  • added playlist total time info.
  • prevent the video from starting over from the beginning when changing playback resolution.
  • fixed subscription error for some channels.
  • fixed playing of some videos than gave "Error getting video info".
  • some minor bugs fixed

More information/Download SuperTube (free) for BlackBerry 10