If you prefer to not use the BlackBerry 10 browser for watching YouTube videos, but instead opt for a native application then you'll be rather pleased to hear that SuperTube has had a bit of a makeover with it's latest update.

I suspect that many folk who are new to BlackBerry 10 will be thinking "why would I need an app" and that's a very good point. The BlackBerry 10 browser does a fantastic job, but SuperTube offers more than just watching the videos.

As well as the look and feel of SuperTube, one of the main reasons I love it is that I can pre-load videos for times when I know I won't have a cellular or Wi-Fi connection - such as on a plane or using the underground / metro. This ensures I can still watch my favorite videos, which tend to be music ones, instead of sitting there staring into nothingness.

Available on all BlackBerry 10 devices, SuperTube is a free download for the basic edition. For full features it will cost you a couple of beer tokens, but it's so worth it.

New features include:

  • New ICON and SPLASHSCREEN Inspired by the great guys on CB forum Alex_Hang, sauron4 and FabianB

  • Added a new layout for the list of videos. The list displays the high res thumbnails and also an expandable text view for video infos. By pressing on the thumbnails it is possible to watch the video just over the thumbnail and pressing the video again the full mediaplayer will take the place. To go back to the old layout just pinch to zoom horizontally

  • When sharing a video being watched, now it is asked if the user wants to share the video link with the current time position.

  • When SuperTube is invoked with such a link, the video will start at that position. NOTE: the native app doesn't support it

  • Unlocked orientation when displaying for video infos, related or author videos in the media player

  • If related or author videos in the media player are open and the back button is pressed, will be asked if the current list should be listed as the main list

  • Added a Cancel button to go back from playlist page

  • The one line text input is now expandable when adding a comment

  • Fixed text in comments for some locales

  • sometimes the number of subscriptions listened was wrong, fixed now

  • Improved a bit the start time and the start loading videos

  • Some other minor fixes or improvements

You can catch our initial hands-on video with SuperTube here, although there have been numerous updates since.

More information/Download SuperTube for BlackBerry 10