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Big things come in small packages

Supernote Nomad

Supernote A6 X2 Nomad Render

Larger screen

reMarkable 2

Remarkable2 Product

This is a very interesting matchup, as the Supernote Nomad is brand new and designed to be exactly the note taking juggernaut that the reMarkable 2 is. The major differences here are in specs (more on that in a bit) and size, which could be the deciding factor for most people.

The Supernote Nomad has only a 7.8-inch screen (not much bigger than some phones), hence the "Nomad" moniker—it's meant to take with you everywhere you go. If that's not a deal-breaker, then the Supernote Nomad might be the ideal e-ink tablet for the productivity crowd.

It's modularly designed, so you can replace the battery if needed, and Supernote promises continuous software updates and support. That may be the most interesting thing about the Nomad's development: Supernote has done it collaboratively with its community, which appears to be a very passionate crowd.

This is really the e-ink tablet for enthusiasts—there are several pen options available, different folios, the works. And the key difference in writing feel is that Supernote mimics the feeling of a ballpoint pen, while reMarkable aims for pencil.

$299 at Supernote


  • Great size for travel/pocketability
  • Huge memory for the category (4 GB RAM)
  • Micro SD card support
  • Wide file support


  • Screen may be too small for some (7.8 inches)
  • No auto-sync for third-party cloud services

Against the Supernote Nomad, the reMarkable 2 wins the screen size battle at 10.3 inches, though that comes at the expense of portability in a very minor way. If the extra size is important to you and/or doesn't bother you, then you may enjoy more writing space and freedom to jot down your ideas.

The largest separator and, perhaps, the deciding factor for most people here is price. The reMarkable 2 starts around $400, while the Supernote Nomad starts at $299 (before pen and accessories). What do you get for the extra $100? Extra screen real estate, but not a whole lot else by comparison.

Keeping in mind that the reMarkable 2 was released in 2020, while the Supernote Nomad just came out (2024), the Nomad just edges the reMarkable 2 in most categories. The reMarkable 2 can load custom templates, but the Nomad lets you actually keep them in the templates folder. The reMarkable 2 aims for that satisfying pencil feel, while the Supernote Nomad features a self-healing screen film that actually depresses with each pen stroke, making it feel that much more authentic.

All that being said, the reMarkable 2 has stood among the upper echelon of e-ink tablets for over three years now, which shows just how well-loved and reliable it is in the category. If you're not sure about going with the hot new (relatively untested by users) tablet, then it's easy to dub reMarkable 2 "ol' reliable."

Bundles starting at $449 at Amazon


  • Top-tier writing experience
  • Easy note storage and organization
  • Share ideas on displays or via calls


  • A bit clunky with cloud storage
  • Limited file support

Though its screen is significantly smaller, the Supernote Nomad has come out guns a-blazing in 2024 and its writing experience, document storage, and cloud syncing capabilities make it the clear winner here—if size isn't an issue.

Do specs mean a lot in this category?

The biggest differences in specs between these two tablets lie in the screen size and memory. Screen size aside, the Supernote Nomad boasts 4 GB of RAM and an Android 11-based system, while reMarkable 2 has only 1 GB of RAM—but does it make much of a difference?

In e-ink tablets, not really. They're dealing with monochromatic text and drawings, some language processing/optical character recognition, file storage and sorting, and switching back and forth between tasks. While you may find the Supernote Nomad a bit zippier, the difference will be negligible and shouldn't be a deal-breaker for most people. Also keep in mind that the operating system will be optimized for the onboard memory.

Category Supernote Nomad reMarkable 2
Display 7.8" 10.3"
Storage 32 GB (expandable) 8 GB
Processor 1.8 GHz 1.2 GHz
Battery 2,700 mAh 3,000 mAh
Dimensions 191.85 x 139.2 x 6.8 mm 188.0 x 246.0 x 4.7 mm
Weight 266 g 403.5 g

Should you pick based on specs? Probably not in this case. It really is going to be a question of size, cost, and perhaps even age.


Supernote Banana For Scale

Supernote Nomad

It's how you use it

The brand new Supernote Nomad is a ballpoint pen lover's dream, with a fascinating self-healing screen, exceptional document organization, and wide file support. If you don't need a 10-inch screen and also want a more "techy-looking" tablet (the clear version is super cool), then Supernote is for you. And starting $100 cheaper than reMarkable 2 ain't half bad either.

Stalwart companion


reMarkable 2

Still among the best

The reMarkable 2's pencil-on-paper writing feel is top tier, and even though it's over three years old at this point, it's still punching above its weight with current devices. Where it may lose some people is in its relatively limited file support, perhaps too simple note storage, and its clunkiness with cloud storage.

Otherwise, it's still a note taker's dream, and that larger screen can't be beat.

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