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You've probably noticed by now that we're starting to build out quite the podcasting empire within our network of mobile dedicated sites. In addition to our new cross-platform Mobile Nations podcast, Rene Ritchie (he LOVES podcasting) has taken the charge on three new podcasts for the network: Iterate (which focuses on app design/development), ZenandTech (which focuses on coping with technology in our lives) and the newest is a lifestyle podcast, called Super Functional, which deals with getting the most of our human bodies.

On episode 03 of Superfunctional Rene and Geoff talk all about what I dubbed for a long time to be the CrackBerry claw (seriously, I went through about 18 months of hell dealing with a screwed up hand caused from excessive BlackBerrying). So on this show they talk about what causes repetitive stress injuries and what can be done about them. It's worth a listen if you've ever suffered from injuries related to too much typing or too much BBMing. This is Superfunctional!

Oh yeah, and if you missed last week's CrackBerry Podcast where I sound off about my trip to Waterloo, be sure to take a listen.


  • Muscle Balance and Function Development®


Ends this Friday, you still have time to enter! To help inspire everyone to walk, Superfunctional is giving away a brand new 8GB iPod nano! All you have to do to enter is jump on Twitter, follow us and our hosts, and re-tweet:

  • #FF @superfunctional @deadlyexchange @reneritchie iPod nano giveaway, follow and retweet to enter! Details: http://bit.ly/pooAOO

Make sure you're following so we can DM you if you win!

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