seido cover A few days ago we reviewed the Otterbox Blackberry Case. In fact, we awarded it a Best of WES Award.

For those people who want to make their Berry look like a Hummer the Otterbox is for you. It is meant for serious protection. You could drop it down a crevice while hiking in the Andes and your Berry will keep on ticking.

But, if you are like me, i.e. European, you just don’t get that chunky, heavy-duty, Chevy truck kind of thing. There’s a reason Europeans don’t drive Ford F150s.

So thankfully, Seidio have released their super thin rubberized case for the 8800 and 8830. At just one mm thick, the case turns you new Berry into a Ferrari. Well maybe not a Ferrari, but a least a well-appointed sporty Peugeot. Easy to slip on and slip off, the case remains firmly secure and it is a great accessory. It might not protect you BlackBerry from a slide down a mountain, but it will protect your device from the slings and arrows of daily use.

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