SUPER Qwerty!

We all love making things easier for ourselves. Super QWERTY is an app that can make a whole lot easy on your BlackBerry. Super QWERTY allows you to create one key shortcuts for all applications on your device. Much like how RIM includes a few directly into the OS (although, recently has been removing some) you can now create your own one-key services.


  • The fastest way to access your applications at present.
  • Quick start with the key "q" in main screen.
  • You can start Super QWERTY in the system menu, launch from anywhere.
  • Up to 80 shortcuts, you can set as much as your favorite applications.
  • Friendly design, attention to the used shortcuts, never mess up.
  • You can enter the applications in Super QWERTY simply by clicking your trackball/trackpad/enter.
  • Easily to compose a SMS/PIN/Email text to your contacts.
  • Your settings will be saved even your reinstall Super QWERTY.
  • Lifetime free upgrade.
  • Support Bold2 9700 

Sadly, no free trial is available for Super QWERTY but the application is pretty straight forward in how it works. It's available for all devices with the exception of the BlackBerry Storm2 for only $3.99. (Please, note no OTA is available. Desktop installs only)

  • Purchase And Download Super QWERTY Today For Only $3.99 >>