We've already looked at several note taking applications for BlackBerry 10 but Super Note brings us something a little bit extra which we haven't seen in previous apps - and that's the ability to add notes via speech-to-text.

The developer of Super Note is the same chap that brought us SayIt, so he is clearly an expert in adding the voice function into the note taking app. Super Note gives you three categories (Personal. Business and Other) which are controlled using tabs at the top of the display. Down at the bottom is a single 'Add' icon for creating a new note. You can of course still type if you want to, but due to the voice recognition working so well it's easier to use voice. Just touch the microphone icon either in the title or content section of the note and off you go.

You can add an icon to the note too, so that when you are viewing your list of notes they can each look unique - and as you will see in the video there's a nice selection to choose from. So, once your note is complete just press the save tab and that's it - job done. The application supports 18 languages so I would imagine it will be pretty popular.

The user interface is clean, which I love and this one will certainly now be my note taking app of choice. Super Note is priced at £1.50/$1.99 and if you think you will benefit from the speech-to-text feature I would highly recommend it.

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