If you are fan of the old school Super Mario style games then Super Bunny Land will be right up your street. Available currently for just the BlackBerry Z10 it's free too which always helps!

With 75 levels to complete you control your bunny who will move across the screen where you need to collect coins, carrots and power-ups. Touching the left side of the display acts as a brake and the right side controls your jumping. As you would imagine - with a platform game the jumping part is quite essential. Not only will it get you those coins and carrots, but you need to avoid falling down one of the many holes in the ground.

From the home screen you will see that as well as the Free Running section (which I play in the video) there is also a 'Challenge', but in order to play this one you either need to earn yourself 500 coins or if you can't wait you can buy them via an in-app purchase.

As you progress you can jump into the shop where you'll be able to spend your winnings on equipment and other items. Although this one isn't my style of game I'm pretty certain it will get a ton of downloads and keep many of you entertained for hours.

With it being free - give it a shot and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

More information/Download Super Bunny Land for BlackBerry 10