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For the cloud storage lover, SugarSync has upgraded its free offering up to 5GB from the previous 2GB, giving users more freedom utilizing their online storage quota. Over the next day, users on existing 2GB plans will automatically be upgraded to 5GB (requires no action from the user). Laura Yecies, SugarSync CEO, said that statistics show how people's storage needs every two years. "We believe our free 5 GB service will give consumers a true taste of how SugarSync can support their fast-growing digital lives by managing their data in their own Personal Cloud. This is by far the most robust free, cloud-based service for consumers on the market." she added.

Whether it is important data, project files or anything else you want to synchronize, you can do so with SugarSync. Keep your files on your PC, Mac or BlackBerry or anywhere else, and you can free yourself from old fashioned USB flash drive transfers. So, why not jump over to the SugarSync Web site and have a look at what it all is about?