SugarSync 2.1

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SugarSync is by far one of my favorite applications to have on my BlackBerry. It’s one of the few apps I have loyally installed on each of my BlackBerry smartphones over the past couple of years. By making use of SugarSync, you can access your files from anywhere – a traffic jam, the beach, the toilet; anywhere! It’s not just read-only access to your documents; it’s access, edit and then sync. Through the application you can stream your entire music collection without having to access a single USB or set up WiFi Music Sync. You can also sync and share files and/or folders with your contacts. This means eliminating the need to run back to the office to retrieve your client the documents you need.

Just before I went to bed last night, I noticed BlackBerry App World notifying me that an update was available for SugarSync. What else could they possibly stuff into this application? Check it out:

  • You’ve got offline access: Now sync files and entire folders to your BlackBerry for offline access. It’s perfect for accessing your stuff on an airplane.
  • You’ve got SD card sync (perfect for backing up your photo library): Snap lots of photos on your BlackBerry, but hate the process of getting it onto your computer? You can now back up and sync anything on your SD card, including your entire photos folder, to the Cloud and your computers. No wires required.
  • You’ve got (even more) security: All mobile transactions have always been encrypted, but we’re going further by giving you an option to add a PIN code to access the app.
  • You’ve got better performance and stability: Our aim is to make the app as efficient as possible. We made big improvements here.

Not bad for a company that also offers 5GB of storage to start…for free! You can increase this by upgrading, referrals or going through the Getting Started steps.

Get a 500MB storage bonus for SugarSync here
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