Subway Surfers

[Updated] - Nope, sadly that account was not official. The official account has since responded but made no mention of plans for BlackBerry 10. 

Chances are that if you have friends with either an Android smartphone or an iPhone they would have played Subway Surfers as it's been massively successful. I've played it myself and while it isn't really my favorite style of game I can certainly see the attraction. It seems that we could (maybe) see the game making its way to BlackBerry 10 in the not too distant future. 

In the depths of the CrackBerry forums SirJes has posted a couple of screen caps of the developers saying on Twitter that Subway Surfers "will be out soon for BlackBerrys". 

With the game recently hitting Windows Phone it would make perfect sense for BlackBerry 10 to be next. I just hope that the tweet was genuine as I can't seem to find it on the developers timeline - but then again, I could just be blind. 

Fingers crossed. Hands up who's excited? 

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