I was in two minds whether to post this article initially. But then I thought what the hell. BlackBerry 10 users are crying out for free games and while Subway Simulator 3D may be acquired taste I'm sure some folk will like it. Or maybe just those of you that enjoy train spotting as a hobby! 

The concept is super easy - use the arrow tabs to guide passengers onto the train and off you go. You'll then be in the drivers cab where you will have controls to increase the trains speed and break quickly if the need arises. The journey from one station to the next can be a bit long winded and in that time there really isn't much to do - I suppose much like in real life. 

Once you get to the next subway station you can load on more passengers and off you go again. And that's pretty much it. 

Not too exciting but the graphics are pretty nice and if you fancy just chilling out and checking out the game there's nothing to stop you as Subway Simulator 3D is free to download. Just don't have your expectations set too high with this one. It's not going to be an adrenaline rush! 

On a plus note the game is available for all BlackBerry 10 handsets. 

Download Subway Simulator 3D for BlackBerry 10