Styles P writes his debut novel 'Invincible' on his BlackBerry

It's becoming quite common to hear of folks using their BlackBerry Smartphones to harness creativity in ways some of us may not think of. Will.I.Am has been noted to use memopad on his BlackBerry for harboring his thoughts and lyrics to songs. Now, Styles P, a member of the hip hop group The LOX, is getting set to release his debut novel, most of which was written on his BlackBerry. As noted in the MTV interview, the unorthodox method of writing the novel took Mr. Styles P two years to write and finally the effort is seeing fruition. The novel is now available for sale in bookstores and online via his website. But we're still holding out for the zombie novel our friend, @a_silent_song is writing on her BlackBerry considering Kevin has a minor role in it.

Source: MTV