When I first saw Stupid Birds 3D for BlackBerry 10 I instantly thought it was more than likely a rip off of Angry Birds, however I was very wrong. The game is free to download, although ad-suppotred, and if you really want to get shot of the adverts you can do so with an in-app purchase of just $0.99. 

In terms of what you get it certainly isn't on the same level as the likes of Angry Birds, but for a free game it's a good time killer, although maybe not one you will play for hours on end. 

The way it works is that at the base of the display you have some nice specked eggs which need protection from the birds that will fly towards them. Using a slicing gesture you need to strike the birds before they land on the nest or each will smash an egg. As time goes on the frequency of birds increases, ensuring you need ninja like reflexes to destroy them all. And that's about it. You just need to get the highest score possible. 

Stupid Birds 3D is a simple concept and probably not one I would pay for so it's great we don't have to. Only the Z30 and Z10 are supported at the time of publication so hardware keyboard users will miss out on this one but I'm sure you'll get over it.  

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