Fight Android

Looks like Kevin's timing for a trip to Waterloo couldn't have been better. Aside from attending Research in Motion's annual shareholder's conference, Kevin is walking right into rallies today and Tuesday put on by students from the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. Their cause? "to galvanize Waterloo as a community to fight Android." and take Android down from the inside:

It's WAR! RIM and Waterloo are under attack by Android. You can counterattack. Help build an ad directory that will destroy the Google ad model, which funds Android.

They've even gone ahead and set up a website for the fight -- rather, mission control at We here at CrackBerry certainly support their efforts energy so we're going to see if we can send Kevin on over to one of the rallies to find out more since, it seems a little misguided. He has a long standing history of attacking Android but only when it's good cause -- a start-up causing a fuss isn't a good cause.

Source: Android Central