StretchBerry You've heard of Pimp my Ride...well...this is Pimp my Berry! CrackBerry Member patrick.waugh posted his vision of the ultimate BlackBerry, dubbed StretchBerry, into the forums today. Patrick is running a ton of apps on his BlackBerry, so you might say this was inspired by the room required to show all the apps his BB is pack'n.

But Think About StretchBerry Being a Reality - more screen real estate than an iPhone, full keyboard, room for 84 shortcuts, Today theme listings at the top AND it's lonnnng enough to be used as a back scratcher! I'm pretty sure this is a CrackBerry Addict's dream come true...

Now for the test - Name as many of the 81 shortcuts as you can! I'm a software junky and I was still a dozen shy of naming all the application shortcuts on Patrick's homescreen. I think we can safely call Patrick an Addict. Click the image to the right or check out his forum post for a bigger and better view. Be honest now, how many did you get?

CLICK HERE to see the full applications list... and be sure to post how many you named right in the comments!

StretchBerry Homescreen Application List

from upper left to lower right: Weather Eye, InfoSpace Find It!, Beyond 411 Search, Berry Phone Lookup, Wikipedia, Viigo, Slifter, TeleNav 5.1, Google Maps, GPSed for Blackberry, CacheBerry, WorldMate Live, Calculator, Calendar, Address Book, ToDoMatrix, IdeaMatrix, JiveTalk, Call Log, Compose, BIS email, Messages, GMail, Blackberry Messenger, Search, OANDA FXConverter Beta, BeFTP, Digital Dictation (Play), Digital Dictation (Record), Alarm, MEdia Net, Browser, Opera Mini, Stock Viewer, Sites Folder (for shortcuts), MicroSky, Mobipocket Reader, Profile Scheduler, Ascendo Money, xPlayer, Media, Picasa, Facebook, Google Sync, Google Mobile Updater, jmIRC, trackIT: Custom Edition, Help, Manage Connections, Google Talk, Options, Set Up Wi-Fi, Set Up Bluetooth, Personal Email Set Up, Keyboard Lock, Turn Power Off, Games Folder, MidpSSH, GridMagic, Send Voice Note, MiniSafe, trackIT: Expense Edition, trackIT: Vehicle Edition, VNC+, VNC, About VNC, TwitterBerry, FlipSide, GolfTrax, KeePass for Blackberry, Bible Study, Spot for Blackberry, XCalc, Nimbuzz, cellity freeSMS, Mobile File Manager, Mobile SSH, Mobile Desktop, Chronograph, MSDict Viewer, bbPlaces 

I was thinking about making each of the above a hyperlink to it's download page, but that's just too much darn work for a Saturday night. But most of them are either free apps or are available in our Software Store... so search them out! 

Oh, and in case you're wondering where the shortcut is on Patrick's Homescreen, it's IN the shortcuts folder (in the browser shortcuts row). Nicely Done Patrick, Nicely Done!! Can't Wait to See Your Next Pimp'd BlackBerry!