Streamline Theme!

Ohhh yeahh! I have been looking for the perfect theme for my Storm, nothing to flashy, just a nice, organized, functional theme to set the device off. And Boom, Jason Calhoun reaches out to me to let me know he has made Streamline available for Storm, Bold and 8900 series devices so I loaded each version on to their aforementioned models and had a look, instant love for this theme all around.

The clean and organized interface allows for easy access to all of the things I need and the familiar icons from one of my other favorite themes offered by Jason being H7 are easily recognizable to what their functionality is, Streamline is right at home on my Storm and really set's it off just like I was hoping for.

Now for the best part. Much like CrackBerry, Jason is currently celebrating his anniversary for where he has been creating awesome works of art in the form of BlackBerry themes for 2 years now and as a show of appreciation to all those who have shown their support for Jason's work, Jason has dropped the price of all his themes in the CrackBerry App Store (on your BlackBerry only, Download the launcher) and is also giving away a FREE THEME of your choosing when you purchase any other theme created by him up until March 9th. So there ya have it folks, pay $6 for one wicked theme email Jason with the second theme you want, get the it for free!! Thanks Jason and here's to many more years to come, keep up the great work!!