There are a handful of TV streaming apps to be found in BlackBerry World with TV network joining in too, like CBS and ABC. Being in the U.K., I can't try those apps but I have tried other ones but they have never really appealed to me, mainly as they don't always work well or I just don't like the UI. That is, until now. After checking out the FilmOn Live TV app, I think I may have found my live streaming app.

With the FilmOn Live TV app you can stream local TV shows for free. When you launch the app it requests your location so that it can push the TV channels available for you. There are over 200 TV channels available worldwide that can be watch in Standard Definition. FilmOn Live TV also offers HD streaming but this comes at a price. You also have the ability to record shows to watch on demand. Again this comes at a price.

There are also subscriptions available to get more channels. The channels you get depend on your location. Since I'm in the U.K. it offers me an EU Channels subscription pack. On top of that you can add a subscription to have the ability to record shows. The subscription price depends on how many hours of record time you want.

If you were just looking for one or two or may three extra channels to watch then you can just subscribe a la carte on a monthly basis.

The app itself is pretty smooth. Once you tap in to a channel, whatever show is on at that time will play. It automatically goes into full screen mode once it gets going. The navigation gets a bit funny when you want to go back to the Home page. It still shows up with a Back button but it doesn't do anything if you're already on the Home page. Apart from that there are no issues once you get streaming, at least whenever I use it.

FilmOn Live TV is free to download and available for all BlackBerry 10 devices from BlackBerry World. You can check out the video above for a quick hands on with the app.

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