Streaking by Edward Lahrs

Your kid's chores, exercising, quitting smoking, your approaching vacation… do these have anything in common? Not really, except for the fact that they are all things that you can track on a calendar. You know what I mean, the kind you used to buy and hang on the wall, that's now been replaced by your BlackBerry/laptop/PlayBook calendar. Well now you can get back the satisfaction of marking off those days with Streaking for your BlackBerry PlayBook.

This app by Edward Lahrs is as simple as it gets. You can start a new calendar by adding a new Streak Type. From there a blank calendar opens, and when you touch a day on the calendar it places a nice red X on the square. Streaking keeps a running tally of how many days in a row you've marked, as well as the longest streak you've had to date. You are allowed multiple calendars for whatever you need to keep track of. Simply add a new streak from the main screen with the new topic and you're all set. This is a great visual method for keeping motivated on your way to a new goal, or for keeping track of any number of things in your life. Best of all, Streaking is free!

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