As this is the holiday season, I thought I would recount a chance encounter with a nice individual on my train ride home from work. This is something that actually happened to me and in no way am I sugar coating it or embellishing it. For me I find that BlackBerry owners are more sociable by nature and after perusing through this post let me know if you come to the same conclusion. Nothing wrong with a happy tale every now and again and I thought I would share it with you to spread some holiday BlackBerry cheer.

Striking up conversations with strangers during my daily commute is not something I normally partake in. Usually, that time is reserved for catching up on a good book, spending some quality game time with my Z10, or taking a quick nap.

It began with the gentleman who sat beside me and politely asked if the smartphone I held in my hands was the new BlackBerry. As I am inherently shy by nature, I probably would have acknowledged in the affirmative and returned to my activity. However, as this concerned my favorite subject and my Limited Edition Red BlackBerry Z10 usually garners such attention, I not only responded to his question but struck up an interesting conversation with him. What transpired over the next forty minutes is the perfect example of how BlackBerry keeps people connected. 

When speaking about BlackBerry and the new operating system I used our limited time wisely. I walked him through all of the features, gestures, and applications currently available. Now a little background is necessary for you to understand where he was coming from. His current device, a Torch 9810, is a personal phone for him and not one activated on his corporate network. Truth be told, he was on the fence about remaining with BlackBerry considering all of the recent press and news.

Whether we meet over social networks, BBM, BBM Groups or Channels, or at various functions and events, this is what BlackBerry is all about

The first order of business was demonstrating the ease of the operating systems. Being that he had only seen the Z10 in his carrier's store, he remarked the person he spoke to did not fully explain this to him nor went over the how easy it was to swipe between application or how to exit them for that matter without the presence of a home button. This was not a problem for me as I demonstrated how I could navigate between screens with ease and showed off Active Frames all without having to press a button.

My next stop on the list was BlackBerry Messenger. Warning! No private conversations were shared I assure you! To explain video chat and screen share, I pulled out my Dev C and explained the process by viewing an existing conversation opened on my Z10. No tutorial would be complete without a quick overview and rundown of BBM Channels and how BBM would be cross-platform. 

During this time I had been showing off all of the capabilities of my Z10 (i.e. The large screen, the rocking virtual keyboard, landscape, etc.). He was leaning more towards the keyboard we all know and love. I tried to remain impartial and discussed the merits of both and warned that this one does not feature a trackpad or back button so all the gestures and swipes I discussed would apply as well.

One of the last questions he asked or at least more like I answered before he had a chance to was social networks. As I had previously discussed the Hub, I pointed out the presence of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

What walk-through of BlackBerry 10 would be complete without showing off the CB10 app? I mean I had to show him the Q10 and Z10 in further detail didn’t I? It just so happened one of Adam’s post of the Q10 was on the main page and briefly showing that post also provided him with additional information on the devices. 

After all was said and done it was time for me to leave for my stop. I thought I was helping out a fellow BlackBerry user but realized, it meant more than that. I honestly thought my name would be forgotten by the time he arrived home, but just a few short hours later I received an invitation to connect over LinkedIn thanking me for my time. Being that we were strangers on a train the conversation didn’t end there. We traded a few emails back and forth and the last one I received, to my surprise, indicated his purchase of a brand new Z10 and a request on what accessories to buy. Of course I directed him to ShopCrackBerry and to browse through all of the categories.

This is what I truly enjoy about being part of the BlackBerry family and the CrackBerry team. It's all about the people we meet and the many ways in which we can connect even if it is never in person. Whether we meet over social networks, BBM, BBMs Group or Channels, or at various functions and events, this is what BlackBerry is all about. I'm extremely grateful and proud to be a part of it.

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