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What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm Contest?

What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm?

Want to get your hands on a FREE BlackBerry Storm? Think you're the biggest BlackBerry Addict out there? Prove it to us and you will win yourself a FREE BlackBerry Storm (or any other BlackBerry smartphone of your choice) courtesy of and our contest sponsors! Lady Luck will NOT play a factor in our latest CrackBerry giveaway - it all comes down to who wants to win the most!

Prizes up for Grabs: TEN BlackBerry Storms!!! (learn about the BlackBerry Storm here!!)

How to Win & Contest Details:
1. Scroll down this page and fill out the Contestant Information and "What You Would Do" fields - you need to tell us What You Would Do for a FREE BlackBerry Storm!
2. Deadline for What You Would Do submissions is Midnight PST, October 31st, 2008.
3. On November 1st, we'll go through all of the entries submitted and pick out TEN soon-to-be BlackBerry Storm owners based on their entry submissions. What entries will be chosen? Well that's easy! The ten most crazy, over-the-top entries that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are one of the biggest BlackBerry Addicts out there and are deserving of a FREE BlackBerry Storm!
4. Winners will be contacted by email/phone (Nov. 1st to 3rd) with What You Would Do and prize claim arrangements made at this time.

Getting Your BlackBerry Storm:
1. Once you Win, the FUN begins! To get your FREE BlackBerry Storm, you need to first EARN it. That means you actually have to DO what you said you'd do on your contest entry. We're not giving you a free BlackBerry Storm for lip service... you need to follow through and actually DO IT!
2. Selected winners will have until November 15th to carry out the What You Would Do that was submitted on their entry ballot. You will be required to submit a video and photos of the event into as proof (to be arranged later).
3. Once you get us proof of completing your What You Would Do you are entitled to your new BlackBerry smartphone. Complete your What You Would Do quick and you'll be among the first to have RIM's new touchscreen BlackBerry (at this point it looks like Verizon should have it for sale by November 10th, and Vodafone may get it even sooner!). If your device of choice is not available yet at the time you complete your What Would You Do, we'll get it to you as soon as it becomes available.
4. Once we have all ten proof-of What You Would Do videos turned in, we'll edit them together into a video to share with the BlackBerry Nation.

1. Think long and hard about your What Would You Do submission. We will not be choosing any entries as winners that suggest anything potentially harmful or illegal (no fighting Bears for real!!). You're gonna have to be whack, over-the-top and seriously BlackBerry-addicted though to be chosen, so get creative.
2. Keep your entry idea a secret! Don't go posting in the blog comments or forums What You'd Be Willing To Do to win a BlackBerry Storm. You don't want anybody stealing your idea from you and submitting it themselves.
3. Keep in mind even if kept secret, another BlackBerry Addict may submit the same idea as you. Figure out how to make your idea extra unique and special. Maybe you'lll combine two crazy What Would You Dos into one! If you want to win, you're going to have to push to the limits!
4. Only submit something YOU ARE willing to do. If you're not willing to video tape and have yourself photographed while doing it (and share it with the world), then don't submit it. If any of ten winners fail to perform their What You Would Dos, they won't get their free BlackBerry and we'll move down our list to the next winner.



The Contest Entry Period is Now Over. View the Contest Winners Here >>


A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to our Contest Sponsors who have helped make the What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? contest possible. Be sure to visit the Sponsor Page to learn more about these great BlackBerry-related companies and ventures!

Contest Fine Print - Please Read!
1. This contest is open to all visitors of (both members and non-members) located anywhere worldwide (hopefully a country where BlackBerry is offered!)
2. We know there are a lot of young BlackBerry users out there, but you're gonna have to be over 18 years of age to win in this one. Sorry about that! It sucks, we know.
3. Information collected will not be distributed, shared or sold.
4. Winners agree to have their username/name published on the site and allow to publish any of the material (video, photos, etc.) submitted as proof of What Would You Do.
5. Winners will receive the BlackBerry smartphone of their choice, purchased off-contract and unlocked. In the event where the model of choice is not yet available, winners can opt to wait for its availiablity and receive it then. If you are on a CDMA carrier and choose the Storm (Verizon, Telus, Bell), we will purchase your device off-contract from that carrier. If you are on a GSM carrier and choose the Storm, you will receive an off-contract, unlocked Vodafone Storm. If you choose another available smartphone (ie. BlackBerry Bold) or want to wait for an upcoming BlackBerry Smartphone (BlackBerry Curve 8900), we will purchase it from the carrier (off-contract) that makes sense and will have the device unlocked.
6. If you have any questions, please visit our Contest thread in the forums or send an email to