What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest Winners!

Three More Winning Entries in our
What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest!

With the Vodafone & Verizon BlackBerry Storm both now out on the market (though not widely available just yet), it's time to start wrapping up our What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest! I fell behind on getting more contest winners posted during the week, so I'm making up for it here with a TRIPLE HEADER. After the jump you'll see more examples of extreme brand loyalty and old phones kick'n the bucket, as well as some crackedout pastry skills :-)

We have one more winning entry yet to come early this week, which we are going to tie to something special to bring the contest to an end on a positive note. You'll want to stay tuned for that! And once the last entry is posted you will have a chance to vote on your favorite contest entries, with the top winner getting some bonus prizes! All summed up it will be nine contest entries (the pudding entry had two winners) and eleven BlackBerry smartphones given away! I know it was supposed to be 10, but I felt so bad for Kevin Vlk's brother (the camera man in the CrackBerry Gump entry who ran 10 miles in dress shoes chasing after his brother) that I made sure he got a Storm on launch day too! You can check out the latest winning entries after the jump!



* Read First * A Note on Recycling Old Phones

Today's winning entries all feature some sort of old cell phone destruction. The first winning entry, "Treo Bomb" was actually selected as a winner specifically for this reason - following up on our So Long Palm entry, this was one hella cool way to get rid of an old phone. The other two winning entries today through it in as a "bonus twist"... they wanted their entries to stand apart from the thousands submitted.

While we all know it should be a CRIME to destroy an old BlackBerry, it reality there are much better uses for old cell phones than getting a laugh from it's demise. If you have an old cell phone and want to get rid of it, there are a number of charities that will take your old phone as donation, such as CellPhonesForSoliders.com. You can hit up Google to find many more. So while a few old phones were destroyed in the running of this contest, it wasn't a waste, as their destruction has brought the community awareness that there are useful things you can do with your own phone!

Winning Entry: Killing An Old Phone - TREO BOMB!!!!

Every judge on the panel wanted to see Brett's What Would You Do happen... heck, who wouldn't want to see anything dropped out of a B-52 Bomber first hand:

I have used Palm products for years but when I was made the commander of a B-52 flying squadron, they gave me a BlackBerry. My first thought after getting used to it was "How did I ever get by without one?" I am a total convert now. It has never reseted itself nor have I had to do it, it never locks up, and the battery usage is spectacular compared to the Palm. Over all it is night and day. I never want to go back to Palm. So to usher in a new era of BlackBerry usage for me, and in hopes of getting a new BlackBerry Storm or Bold (can't decide which!) I would gladly drop my Treo 680 out of a B-52 bomber. 

Check out the video above! It took Brett the better part of a two days just to get permission to carry out the video above. That effort alone seems deserving a new BlackBerry (remember, this is asking permission in an area where there is no shortage of firearms around!). In the video you can tell Brett is a little torn between going with a Storm or the Bold. Already an AT&T customer, he ended up going with the Bold (even though it was a Storm contest, we gave all winners the option of getting any BlackBerry they wish). Congrats Brett!


Winning Entry: Extreme Loyalty - FIVE CRACKBERRY TATTOOS!! 

With nearly 200 people submitting as their contest entry that they would get a BlackBerry or CrackBerry tattoo, you didn't think we'd only pick one winner from this category of entries did you?! Of course not! But how do you match T.J.'s life-sized BlackBerry Storm tattoo? That's easy... you get FIVE CrackBerry tattoos! Shannon of Syracuse even spiced her entry up further with a little SideKick destruction:

I would get FIVE tattoos of the CrackBerry logo (or that say CrackBerry.com) all on different parts of my body and then i would ALSO light my sidekick 3 (basically my life) on fire... or drive over it with a car! ; ) 

Shannon, you are CRAZY!!! But in a good great way! The CB logo actually makes for a pretty cute tattoo. If you turn it 90 degrees counter-clockwise, it kinda looks like a smiling, happy Frog!

As a T-Mobile subscriber, Shannon opted to get an unlocked BlackBerry Bold instead of the Storm, so we hooked her up that and she has been loving it! Congrats Shannon, enjoy your new Bold! Well deserved!!!


Winning Entry: Cracked Out Crafts -  The CrackBerry PieRate!

With over 3,000 entries submitted into the What Would You do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest,  we found the majority of entries fell into one of five major themes. We've covered extreme brand loyalty, wrecking old phones, that's HOTT!!, and self-induced pain (you guys are nuts)... the last category that emerged was cracked-out arts and crafts - essentially making and baking stuff, CrackBerry Addict style. Picking two winners out of each category seemed like a good way to spread the winning love around all of entries submitted - people have different definitions of crazy and over the top, and not everyone is willing to get a tattoo or get shot with 100 paintballs. We also suggested in blog posts that with so many entries being submitted, to stand out from the crowd it might make sense to combine your ideas into one.

Enter the CrackBerry PieRate. While a lot of the entries we have seen so for have been crazy... this one submitted by member vx1 is just nuts. All summed up the video above is...well.. pretty crackberried-up.. like Blair Witch meets Mr. Dress Up meets one of those weird artsy films.  The entry:

I would become a CrackBerry Super Hero - PieRate! I would bake a pie with the CB logo in the middle and ship it to the judges! I would then make up a bunch of more pies, travel into the city (Toronto) and let people throw pies at my face and have it be recorded! Then i would have to eat a whole pie! Then in true PieRate fashion, I would sacrifice my captured old phones in a ceremony to the BlackBerry Gods! 

With the judging panel all being fans of the classic pie in the face routine and being even bigger fans of eating tasty pies, the creative roll-playing PieRate caught our attention and slipped into the top ten. Congrats vx1!  


That's it! You can check out ALL of the Winning Entries on our WINNING ENTRIES page. We have one more entry left to come that you won't want to miss!

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