What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm Contest?


From over 3,000 cracked-out What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? contest entries we narrowed it down to ten deserving winners. We called them up, and they ALL agreed to carry out their To Dos without hestitation. CrackBerry Addicts are HARDCORE! You can watch the winning videos below. 

With so many entries to choose from, the judging task was next to impossible. That said, we found within the 3,000 entries that the majority of entries fell within one of five categories (we literally had hundreds of people who wanted to wreck their old phone or were willing to get a tattoo). We defined the following categories - extreme loyalty, wrecking old phones, pain and suffering, that's hot! and cracked out arts and crafts, and from each category picked two of the submissions that caught our eye. The That's Hot category was a combined entry, hence only one video for that. This strategy helped share the winning love around all of those entries submitted and gave everyone a chance at winning.

TOP PICKS: After all of the winning entries were posted, we let the CrackBerry Community vote for their favorites. The top three picks were:

1. Paintball Storm!
2. Pudding Wrestling in Time Square
3. The Ultimate BlackBerry Storm Tattoo

You can see the full voting results here (and leave your comments on your favorite!).

Click the links above each video for more information and photos on that winner and his/her entry. Congrats to all of our Winners and Enjoy the show!!

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1. The Ultimate BlackBerry Storm Tattoo!

2. FIVE CrackBerry Tattoos (and one toast SideKick)


1. Run 20 Miles for a BlackBerry Storm!

2. Paintball Storm - Getting Shot with 100 Paintballs


1. So Long Palm! 

2. TREO BOMB - Palm Treo Dropped from a B-52!

THAT's HOT!!!!! 

1 & 2. Pudding Wrestling in Time Square!


1. The CrackBerry PieRate

2. Handmade, One of a Kind, BlackBerry Storm Quilt!

Contest Details: Visit the Original Contest Entry & Rules Page >>

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