Storm 9520 And 3G Pearl 8200 Flip Heading To Rogers!

Well isn't this a nice little piece of information to wake up to on Christmas morning. Seems that while we were all sleeping, Clearskies08 was leaving us all a nice present from our friendly neighborhood Rogers/Fido reps upcoming handset presentation. That's right folks, what you are seeing above is a pic of the 9520 Storm which will soon be available on Rogers in Canada. This device will have 3G HSPA bands for North America and comes with WiFi built into it.

Not only was the 9520 Storm introduced, but the 8200 was as well, the 8200 being a 3G HSDPA Pearl Flip with WiFi and GPS built in AND a second video camera for video calling!!!!!!

For more information on the coming devices as well as Fido's new BlackBerry offerings hit the jump.

Now looking at the picture above and assuming prices don't change which with Rogers they often do, it seems like the Storm 9520 will be on par with Verizon's offerings of the device but lower then Telus or Bell's price points (rebates pending of course).

Next on the list from the presentation, the 8200 Pearl Flip, this time around getting a healthy dose of 3G HSDPA and adding GPS to the available features on top of the WiFi, which was left out of the 8220 version, no pricing was listed for this device but I'm sure we can expect it to fall in line with the original 8220. Also listed on the spec sheet is a secondary camera for video calling!

Fido's New BlackBerry Line Up!

Great news for all you Fido subscribers out there as well, ever since Fido has gone through its recent rebranding there has been rumors of them bringing BlackBerry devices back into the mix. I guess you could consider the above picture a confirmation of that. With the 82XX (not sure which version) and the 8110 as well as the new Curve 8900 all set to be launched between February and April '09.

There ya have it folks, looks like 2009 is already off to a great start for Rogers and Fido customers, now any guesses on how long it will take AT&T to catch up this time?

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