* Update: It's likely there's still more to this Storm 2 screen discussion than easily meets the eye. Be sure to check out this forum thread which sum up some of the thoughts/ideas going on. *

The BlackBerry Storm 2 (9550) has made another appearance thanks to our buddy Salomondrin. This time around we get a good look at the hardware put into comparison with the Storm 9530. Also included in this video is Sal's take/explanation of what we recently speculated about in the CrackBerry Podcast, Peizo technology. Though in the podcast it was more of a theory to potentially explain the whole display doesn't move when powered off but moves when powered on thing, Salomondrin takes the time to show us exactly how he thinks it may be implemented into the Storm 2's screen as well shows us just how much better the method of input appears to be this time around. Check it out! Big thanks to Salomondrin and of course, let us know what ya think in the comments about this screen technology the Storm 2 is potentially making use of. It's still all rumor until RIM makes it officially known as to how it all works and what the display's capabilities are, but the Storm 2 hardware definitely is looking like a solid step forward over the original 9530/9500.