* Updated Photo: Take a look below. We just had another photo sent in. A reader saw the Item # in the photo above and checked it out immediately on the system..not it appears to be returning info for just the LG Glance (all the other stuff above is gone). So not sure what the deal is here, but am holding hope the dummy device is all good and the actual 9550 isn't far behind! *

* Update: Turns out the photo above sent in on the tip line today actually was in our forums postest by shaolinfinest. Click over to this thread for all the details and discussion! *

It looks like BGR landed a photo from Best Buys inventory system showing the Storm 9550 mock-up unit due in on October 25th. We had a tipster drop us a photo of the inventory system as well, but this isn't the mockup (which is apparently class 317) but the actual hardware (class 327). We're not sure why the model at the top is labeled as "LG Glance" in the photo, but the description is indeed for the BlackBerry Storm 9550 (the dimensions and weight match those of the mockup). Looking at both these screens, it appears as if the real deal and the mockup are due to be in inventory on the 25th of October. Things can obviously always change, but still all good signs that it will be here soon.

Updated Photo - Here's whats showing up now (few hours after original post):

AT&T Best Buy Update Photo

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