BlackBerry Mini Keyboard

Finallllllly! Everybody knows the story here on the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard. For BlackBerry PlayBook owners, this became the absolute must-have accessory and the demand for them has been HUGE. Unfortunately, the supply was not, which made for a massively long list of backorders. For everybody who purchased from ShopCrackBerry and had to wait and wait to get one, we thank you again for the patience and understanding. You're all the best! And we assure you a wait like that won't happen again when it comes to getting the latest advanced BlackBerry accessories from our stores.

The good news now for those who still haven't picked up a BlackBerry Mini Keyboard is that the wait at ShopCrackBerry is finally over. We have plenty in stock in and ready to ship. And we've rolled out some big improvments and more options to our International Shipping, so we're now shipping truly globally for a lot less. 

If you're not familiar with the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard, hit up our review or watch the video below. And for more info just jump on over to the store. 

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