I carry around a few store cards, so an app like Titan Wallet appeals to me if it means I can thin down my wallet a bit. But Titan Wallet can do more than just carry around your rewards and gift cards for you. You can store passwords and bank cards too. All this is password protected and Titan Wallet uses AES encryption to do so.

The app itself is pretty simple in form. Once you have your password set up your are presented with the three sections - Passwords, Rewards Cards and Credits Cards. Just tap whichever one you want to add to. For Passwords, it is just a case of naming the password and adding the credentials. The password itself will be starred out. Whenever you need to access it in the future just tap and hold the name and tap copy number when the side menu pops up. You can add an optional note to your passwords too.

With reward or gift cards, you can add them manually or you can do so by scanning the barcode on the card, making it quick and easy to add. The Rewards card section is definitely a feature I will be making a lot of use of.

Credit cards or bank cards can be added too. You do this manually. While I probably won't use this much, it could be useful for when I need to check my card number at certain times. What would be great is if this could actually be used with the NFC feature of your BlackBerry smartphone. Now that would be cool.

All in all, Titan Wallet is a pretty sweet app. And it comes from a developer who brought us Titan Files, which we have taken a look at before. Two apps worth looking at.

Titan Wallet is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and is priced at $2.99.

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