blackberry Stones

Research in Motion is under somebody's thumb and can’t get a break. The maker of our beloved BlackBerry is now getting hauled into court by The Rolling Stones of all people.

Mick, Keith, Ron and Charlie were allegedly signed to promote a special version on the BlackBerry but the deal was never followed through. Presumably it was a BlackBerry with a big tongue and lips on it with an extra big screen for septuagenarians with failing eye sight.

After paying an initial licence fee in full, RIM chose not to produce the device, and the Stones’ agents are now seeking $5-million (U.S.) in damages for not following through on the campaign. Of course this is all small change to both RIM who forked over $612.5-million to settle a patent infringement suit last year and just a percentage of the Stones’ annual $60 million income.

According to a story in the Globe and Mail “In this era of celebrity promotions, officials at RIM have always preferred to let their wireless technology speak for itself. The company has for some time hinted at deals in the works with the entertainment industry, but for now is letting its two co-chief executive officers be the face of RIM.”

Frankly, the Stones are an old choice to promote the BlackBerry, as the telephone still came in two parts when the Rolling Stones first hit it big.