I'm no expert when it comes to stocks and shares but I do know a great native BlackBerry 10 application when I see one. Unlike me, If you're lucky enough to have investments then StockDaddy Turbo is the perfect tool to have on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone to allow you to keep track of how much money you are making or losing. 

Using live stock quotes from Yahoo and Google, StockDaddy Turbo does much more than allowing you to manage your stocks from the palm of your hand. As you'll see from the below list of features the developer of the app has taken so much into consideration and this one's yet another example of how awesome using Cascades can be to build a quality BlackBerry 10 app. 

As you'll see from the video - the app has the typical user friendly user interface that we've now become so accustomed to. You will be able to build multiple portfolios containing your stock investments and the app will show you which are making and which are losing money. Clearly this is going to be the most important feature if you're watching stocks frequently but from within the main menu you'll also have instant access to the World Stock Index, Live Stock Quotes, My Watchlist - which will also appear in the Active Frame, News - which is ported in from CNBC and even a Currency Converter. 

There is a a free edition of StockDaddy, but if you are heavily reliant on getting the most out of your investments you certainly shouldn't mind parting with a couple of bucks for the Turbo version. 

Full features include: 

  • Search Live Stock quotes from 40+ world wide exchanges 
  • Create numerous Portfolios to choose from over 30+ world wide exchanges 
  • Dashboard custom designed for each portfolio to show all the vital stats to help make a better decision 
  • Some vital stats used in the Dashboard for a particular Portfolio are: Networth, Max Gainer, Max Loser, Todays Gain, Portfolio Gain, Total Investment. These metrics are calculated based on the live quotes 
  • Add Sold Stocks Info to actually determine the growth of the Portfolio
  • Watchlist to keep track of your favourite stocks (auto-updates based on user's settings) 
  • Dynamic Active Frames with the stocks in the Watchlist
  • Currency Converter 
  • Backup/Restore data to/from the Media Card and the Device 
  • Tutorials (can be turned off under Settings menu) 
  • Swipe-down gesture to change interval Settings for World-wide Stock Market Indexes, Watchlist and Active Frames 
  • Swipe-down gesture to open Help section to explain key metrics used in the Dashboard 
  • Connect StockDaddy Turbo with your BBM and help spread the word! 
  • Native Page to show 15+ world wide Stock Market Indexes 
  • Sort Sold Stocks based on Gain/Loss, Name or Sold Date 
  • Graphs for the last 5 days 
  • Send Support emails within the app for any bugs/feature requests/general comments 
  • Optimized to take as little network bandwidth as possible 
  • Gracefully handles the exception if No/Limited Internet connection is available 
  • Analytics for ensuring app meets the highest quality 
  • Market News by CNBC 
  • Optimized for Q10/Q5
  • Shortcuts for Q10/Q5
  • A lot more for you to explore!

Download StockDaddy Turbo for BlackBerry 10