Stinsonddog's BlackBerry Tips & Tricks

We have a few bits of news coming in this morning from our long-time pal Stinsonddog that are definitely worth checking out:

  • BlackBerry Bold Tips Now Available - In anticipation of the Bold's soon-to-be launch on AT&T, Stinsonddog has released his popular tips' guide for the BlackBerry Bold. The current Bold guide is marked as v2, and is the 83xx manual made Bold specific. Expect a final version to be released one he gets a chance to go through the manual and pick out any other additional tips that need to make their way in. You can grab the Bold guide here.
  • New Website! - Gone is the long url... you can now find all of Stinsonddog's tips and tricks and other BB related info at
  • Gmail App Shortcuts - Following up yesterday's announcement of the newest release of Gmail for Mobile, Stinsonddog has just posted up screencaps of the app showing off the shortcuts availableon the BlackBerry. You can check it out here.
Big props to Stinsonddog for all the hard work and ongoing commitment!!