It appears that Washington DC has started up a recent program set to cost $977,346 that will provide smokers with BlackBerry Smartphones (CNN - I forgive you for writing "BlackBerries" and not "BlackBerry Smartphones") in hopes of helping them quit. The plan is run by the American Legacy foundation, and the idea behind it is that smokers will have a 24/7 line to get support while trying to quit. Their BlackBerry will give them 24/7 text support, help connect with others who are trying to quit and options to help prevent relapse. We're not 100% sure if the devices will carry any special applications to aid in this process, or if they are just bare-bones devices. Check out the video above for the full details (shoutout to the hardcore guy still rocking the 7130e in the video) . What are your thoughts on this? Will having a BlackBerry help you quit smoking? Leave a comment and let us know! Thanks to Brian for sending this in!