CrackBerry Addiction Giveaway

Most people attest to their ability to control BlackBerry use, and don't consider themselves CrackBerry addicts. In light of the recent service outages to BlackBerry email, people are finally realizing their dependency.. er..addiction.. er love for the BlackBerry.

So why not embrace your love for the BlackBerry by joining the community? By signing up with you will be entered into our monthly draw for your chance to win some great prizes. Even better, enter our “Confess Your Addiction and Win Giveaway” by telling us your CrackBerry Addiction story... or the discomfort you suffered during the outages. Do this and you will be entered into our Grand Prize Draw, with a chance to either “Get Your Fix”, or “Get Some Rehab”.

It's your choice to either fuel your addiction by getting $2,000 towards your BlackBerry accessories or bills, or $2,000 towards a rehab trip to get away from it. It's free, and you've got nothing to lose. Cool