As I type this I have been rocking the Z10 for almost a month. Surprisingly, I am still discovering new things about BlackBerry 10 as I put it to use in new and different ways. The latest discovery? The automatic pausing of screen sharing when confidential information is about to be shared.

Earlier this evening, my mom (63 years young... who reads CrackBerry... who will be ticked when she reads that I just blogged her age) got a white BlackBerry Z10. Once she was up and running I rang her up on BBM Video Chat and did a screen share to walk her through some BlackBerry 10 basics. First I shared my screen with her so I could show her my tips on using the phone. And from there I had her share her screen, so I could see how she was using the phone and offer up my advice.

As we walked through BlackBerry World, I told my mom she could now download music and movies in addition to apps and games all through her BlackBerry ID. At that moment, I got really PI$$ED OFF THAT I STILL CANNOT BUY GIFT CARDS FOR BLACKBERRY WORLD. I would have loved to gift my mom a $200 credit to spend on content for her Z10. Unable to do that, I had her screen share her way over to Setup > Payment Options. I figured if I still can't give her BlackBerry World credit to spend (please BlackBerry.. make this happen already), I could at least put my Paypal info into her phone so she could buy content for her Z10 at will.

To get into Payment Info you need to enter your BBID, and as she began to enter her password, to my surprise the Screen Sharing paused! Turns out this BBM Screen Sharing is SMART - when you're typing in confidential information, it does not show it to the person on the other end of the line. We tried it the other way around so I could see how it looked, and sure enough when I began to enter my password a red drop down appeared saying "Confidential Info Screen sharing paused."

I love stuff stumbling upon features like this. One of the pillars of the BlackBerry experience is security, and it's things like this that grab your attention to make sure you never forget BlackBerry has your back on the security front. That said, I would feel a little safer right now if my mom was spending money in BlackBerry World from a set app credit I gifted her vs. having my Paypal info tied to her phone. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and I have been known to spend $500 on a clock app. :)