I'm quite partial to leather flip cases on my BlackBerry 10 smartphones, ever since I got a red one for the BlackBerry Z10. Back in November 2014, I reviewed the OEM leather flip case for the BlackBerry Passport and while it was pretty good quality and well made, there were more negatives for me and so I looked around for an alternative leather flip case. Many had suggested the Stilgut Leather flip case, so I decided to give it a try. 

The Stilgut Leather Flip case comes in a few colors and I had originally looked at getting the black one but after browsing a bit more I found one in tan colour or "cognac vintage" as labelled by Stilgut. As soon as I slipped my BlackBerry Passport into it, closed it shut, I knew I was going to love it. 

The Stilgut case it made from genuine leather, has a nice luxury feel and looks very elegant. It is thin and light weight so it doesn't add bulk to the Passport. It opens book style and it closes flush without you having to "break it in" first. This also means that when you flip the cover over all the way to the back, it sits nice and flat so it doesn't feel awkward in the hand, as flip cases normally do. On the front there is a cut out at the top of the phone earpiece, allowing you to have a phone call with the case shut, just as can be done with the OEM Leather Flip case. There is also a window for the LED so you can see notifications with the flip closed. On the back there is a cut out for the camera, as well as the Stilgut name and logo stamped at the bottom. The Passport itself sits in a case that covers the sides of the device and just enough on the top and bottom to hold it in. There is a cut out for the volume and mute keys and the top and bottom of the device are accessible while the case is closed. The interior of the front flip and the case part is made up of microfibre to protect the screen while closed as well as the back of your device. You also have the nice touch of having the Stilgut name go across all over the inside of the front flip.

Stilgut Leather Flip Case Interior

The Stilgut Leather Flip case also comes with a sleep magnet, which is always a welcome feature of any such case for BlackBerry smartphones.

It has been beautifully handcrafted and I don't find it that awkward to type with when the front flip is at the back. This is because it sits flat, so you get that nice even feel on both hands. The case part comes over the sides just enough that it doesn't hinder the use of the keys on either end of the keyboard.

The Good

  • Has a case part to slip the device into
  • Sleep magnet
  • Closes easily and is flush
  • Front flip lies flat when flipped over

The Bad

  • Soft leather scratches easily
The bottom line

If you want an elegant leather flip case for you BlackBerry Passport, you can't go wrong with the Stilgut one. It's beautiful design and slim and lightweight form makes it a joy to use. It combines genuine leather material on the exterior with microfibre on the interior very nicely, to offer a very well made case to carry your BlackBerry Passport in. It's easy to slip your device in and out of should you need to access the SIM card or memory card slots.

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