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Ring is diving into the burgeoning dashcam market with a connected dual-camera system that checks boxes I didn't even know I had. The dashcam market's been ripe for disruption — the existing entrants are almost all self-contained units that record everything locally. Getting video off of them requires messing around with microSD, and remotely viewing or uploading footage is a rare feature.

That's where the Ring Car Cam differentiates itself. First up are the dual cameras, a wide-angle HD sensor pointing out through your windshield and another taking in the interior. Both have night vision capabilities so they'll be able to take in a clear view even in the dark.

Another big differentiator for the Ring Car Cam is connectivity. This device comes with built-in Wi-Fi and LTE, which enables motion notifications when parked, as well as real-time live view of the cameras and voice chat with the car's occupants. It even is always listening for the wake words "Alexa, Record" which will immediately set the cameras recording and upload the footage to your $6/month Ring Protect Go account. Given the potential for a traffic stop to go badly, having that video documentation can go a long way — and having it automatically uploaded to the cloud goes even further.

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Ring Car Cam

Dual cameras, remote access, automatic emergency uploads, and night vision make the Ring Car Cam a strong contender.

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