Steve Wozniak Uses BlackBerry?

Lifehacker posted an article recently where they interviewed Steve Wozniak, the shall we say ecentric Co-Founder of Apple, asking him how he gets through his day. What tools does he use? What applications are a must for the Woz? Reasonable questions for a busy man.

Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly for some?), aside from the assumed/mandatory iPhone usage Steve Wozniak is also a BlackBerry user. No details were given as to what type of device the Woz is using, but the fact he uses a BlackBerry alone is quite an interesting fact considering his stature within Apple and the technology world as a whole. Be sure to read more about Steve on his Wikipedia page - it has a lot of good links and information about the man behind a lot of today's technology. Maybe RIM should try and poach Steve to work for them... I'm sure he would bring lots to the table if that were the case :-)

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