We covered the launch of the SteroTube app for the BlackBerry PlayBook back in early November, but this week sees a nice update to version 4.0 with a selection of new tweaks.

Most importantly is the option to now download content from YouTube. You can save either as a MP4 or MP3 depending if you need the video or just the audio. Completing this is pretty easy - just click on the download tab on the bottom right of the screen and you will then have three options given to you of using external sites to convert. I found for that for saving videos using the link was the one that worked for me and it really is a nice bonus to be able to download your favourite videos to watch at your leisure - perfect for travelling when you don't want to be using data.

In addition to the download feature the developer has also added speed enhancements, a new UI for selecting playlists and rename playlists - good stuff.

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