As I'm sure you all know, there is a ton of videos and music to be found on YouTube. One app to gather all that content up that I use is called StereoTube for YouTube. We've looked at the PlayBook version in the past and the BlackBerry 10 version works much the same in respect to the features it offers. A new update to StereoTube for YouTube for BlackBerry 10 devices is now available in BlackBerry World and while the change log is small, it covers quite a few bases:

  • Added sleep timer to settings page
  • The app now works fine while minimized and while phone is in stand-by
  • Added automatic skipping of certain YouTube videos that are not playable

If you find yourself turning to YouTube for a lot of your music needs, you might want to give StereoTube for YouTube a look. Right now, the app is on sale for only $2.99, which is a great deal consider the power it packs.

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