Bluetooth Comparison

Music is a huge part of many lives. Whether sitting at home or on the go, many of us love to listen to our favorite tunes with great quality. If you are on the go and moving constantly, odds are you want to simplify your life, and instead of having a wire connected from your device to your headphones, you are probably looking for a new bluetooth option. Stereo bluetooth headsets are a great convenience when on the go and listening to your music; not only do they give you stereo sound without the wires, but they give you the ability to answer your phone calls as well. 

With several different options available to be purchased, making the right decision can be a difficult task. Is the price tag of the Motorola S9-HD the most appealing to you, or the 8 hour battery life of the Motorola S10-HD's what makes the deal? Would you rather have the added flexability of the Plantronics Backbeat 903's instead of the fixed style that the Motorola headsets offer? Fear not, CrackBerry nation, we are here to help you answer some of these questions. Let's hit the break and check out how they compare, and help you decide which one is right for you.


When it comes to design, both the Motorola S9-HD and the S10-HD are nearly identical, with just a few very minor changes. The overall style is the same; they are both a wrap around style headphone with volume, track, and play buttons on the left and right sides near the ear buds. On the back of the units are the power buttons and the charger ports. The Motorola S9-HD has a mini-USB charger which is less ideal than the Motorola S10-HD's micro-USB charger, because it is likely yet another cable to carry along with you. As far as the comfort aspect, I found both of the Motorola headsets to be more comfortable with the fixed design, and the three different earbud sizes allowed me to find the perfect combo to fit my ears.

The Plantronics Backbeat 903s feature a very different design than both Motorola headsets. They are connected by plastic wrapped wires which makes them very flexible and able to fit various head shapes. Unfortunately they have placed the volume and track buttons on the back of the left earpiece which makes them less than ideal to access. Attempting to select the correct button while they are in use is nearly impossible, unless you have smaller fingers. While I thought the flexible design of the Plantronics headset would allow them to be more comfortable, I found the buds to be a bit harder to fit in my ears, and less comfortable during long periods of use.

Battery Life

The range in battery life across these various headsets ranges from 6 hours to 8 hours, not a huge difference when you break it down. The Motorola S9-HD comes in with the 6 hour battery life, though depending on your usage habits, and how often they are in standby, you may get a bit longer out of them. The Plantronics Backbeat 903 will give you 7 hours of battery life, while the Motorola S10-HD will bring 8 hours of battery life with them. The minor difference is likely not enough to be the deciding factor in your purchase as each of them will get you through a day's usage with ease. 

Sound Quality

Breaking down the sound quality differences between these headsets is not an easy task; they are all very similar in overall quality. No single headset stood out above the others in this catagory, though if I had to pick one it would be the S10-HD. Listening to a wide variety of music, it is very hard to select a headset that is perfect, but the testing that I have done gave some pretty good results.

As far as best overall sound quality, both highs and lows, the Motorola S10-HD seemed to handle the ranges the best. They gave a nice bump in the ears as well as crisp vocals. The Motorola S9-HD are quite similar in quality, except I did not notice the bass to be as pronounced. While the range of the Plantroincs Backbeat 903 is rather wide, the highs got a bit drowned out by the lows in certain songs.


Having a great sounding headset is one thing, but it needs to be portable in order for you to actually want to use them on any type of regular basis. In this category the Plantronics Backbeat 903 wins hands down. Their flexible design allows you to pack them in the small included carrying case and throw them in your bag when on the go. Both Motorola headsets are about the same size, and won't take up much space in your bag, but the ability to fold them would have been great. 

As stated above, the Motorola S9-HD require the use of a mini-USB charger, which means when traveling with these you will likely need to pack an additional charger instead of being able to make use of the micro-USB cable which has basically become the standard. Not a huge deal to many, but for those who like to pack light, and travel with as few things as possible, this may have an impact on the decision.


There is no standout winner in this showdown. Each of these headsets offers a few advantages and disadvantages over the competition, and it will come down to personal preference. If I had to pick one pair to purchase again that would bring me great comfort, excellent battery life, and a solid sound quality I would likely personally go with the Motorola S10-HD headset for my personal use. Be sure to hop into the ShopCrackBerry Store and check them out for yourself, and pick some up today!

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