Everyone loves to get a deal on their purchases. Be it buying something and get next one free or just something totally awesome at a cheap price. Steelthorn Softwares latest application helps with finding some of the best deals out there available to you. By collaborating some of the "deal of the day" sites all into one, visually appealing application you can pick up some great stuff for cheap. In their words: 

QuackBot tracks all of the best daily deals on the web from retailers such as http://Woot.com, Walmart, Target, Newegg, Gearslash, and more! With QuackBot, you can: read detailed item descriptions, view item pictures, e-mail the deal to yourself or a friend, and even follow a link to buy the item, all in one neat, energy-efficient package!

Personally, I'm a fan of woot and shirt.woot. Having checked Quackbot out for a a while, I can certainly see myself using the application a lot. Although, the in app purchase ability scares me considering my impulse buy history. Check it out if you're a bargain hunter, its a free download for all.