While the BlackBerry line of products are unquestionably the business persons go-to device, we seem to be missing access to one of the most business targeted services out there -- LinkedIn. While you can access LinkedIn via their very mobile friendly website, navigating can sometimes be less than convenient. This is where inLink for the BlackBerry PlayBook comes into the picture. inLink is one of the first applications available on the PlayBook that will give you a glimpse into the way BlackBerry 10 looks. The application uses the bbUI.js toolkit to give an HTML app the native treatment.

Features include easy accessible buttons to:

  • Check LinkedIn Mail
  • View LinkedIn updates
  • View and apply for jobs via LinkedIn
  • Connect and find people you know on LinkedIn
  • Interact with your network and groups
  • Search LinkedIn for companies, friends and groups.

If you're a LinkedIn junkie and staying on top of what's happening with your fellow colleagues, as well as your industry, you'll want to take a look at inLink for the BlackBerry PlayBook. I'm personally always on LinkedIn, and I downloaded the app as soon as it was available. If you're anything like me with LinkedIn I would take a look at inLink for the BlackBerry PlayBook. inLink can be bought from BlackBerry App World for $1.99.

Purchase inLink for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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