Student Buddy

New to the CrackBerry Store, is Student Buddy, brought to you by Collaber Solutions LLC. I am prepared to be beaten for posting about an app to help you with school-in June. I also know that school should be the last thing on anyone’s mind right now, unless you are attending summer school. It is, however, best to be prepared. You want to start the new school year on a good note. One option is to start polishing apples. The other option is to try out Student Buddy. This application is a much more powerful itinerary than the ones you get at school (the ones you write all over). Student Buddy helps you manage your schedule, assignments and due dates. Features of Student Buddy include:

  • Today view in the home screen automatically displays summary of current classes and tasks after basic schedule was input.
  • A very detailed schedule planner.
  • Interactive multifunctional calendar including expanded month and week views.
  • Differentiate all the courses using colour labels.
  • Distinguish all the class types using predefined set of around 30 icons.
  • Automatic back up of the application can be taken using Desktop Manager.
  • Export & Import all the data in the application.
  • Reset the data whenever required.
  • Call your instructor directly from the application.

So the next time your teacher tells you to put your BlackBerry away, tell them “But, it’s my Student Buddy”. Just make sure you close BlackBerry Messenger, or whatever else you are actually doing, before they ask to see it. Student Buddy is on sale in the CrackBerry App Store for $4.99 until July 31st.

  • Learn more and download Student Buddy for BlackBerry >>