StarTracker - Day 15 of BlackBerry's 25 Day of Gifts

Fifteen days in now and we have a superb app as a free download. The same app for everyone too, always nice. Although I am thoroughly enjoying Uno on my BlackBerry Z30 from day 14. I'm still excited every morning to wake up and check BlackBerry World for my free gift of the day. There's ten days to go and I'm hoping for some great apps as we approach the end. To see the full list of free downloads so far, you can check back on the original post.

Today, you can go star gazing with StarTracker. A pretty awesome app by the looks of it. Educational too. As always, if you're not seeing the banner, try refreshing BlackBerry World. Others have had luck with refreshing it a few times. Alternatively, you can try searching the app in BlackBerry World or use the link below.

You can join in on the discussion in the forums too and let us know when you see tomorrow's gift.

Learn more / Download StarTracker from BlackBerry World