Featured recently as one of BlackBerry's 25 Days of Gifts, I though it deserved a closer look. As a child, I would spend each summer with my father and our binoculars gazing up at the night's sky trying to identify all of the stars and constellations or just admiring what we saw.

When it comes to star gazing, however, StarTracker is a completely unique experience. All you have to do is hold your BlackBerry up, it pinpoints your location, and shows you exactly where each object, star, constellation is in relation to you in real-time. 

It accomplishes this feat with what it calls augmented reality star gazing with gyroscope. What this translates into is a 3D map which moves when you do, to give you an impression view of the solar system. That is exactly the first thing that jumps out at you, the amazing quality of the graphics. What truly makes this stand out is the ability to customize the view. My favorite though is how it displays the Zodiac artwork and overlays it on the stars that comprise each and every one.

From searching and targeting specific items and objects, to viewing the world map or glancing at the entire system, this application has it all. Not only is it a marvel to look at, but it is educational as well. The video above does not do it justice, you have to take it outside with you for the full effect.

If you didn't grab it during the BlackBerry promotion, the regular price is $2.99 and supports BlackBerry 10. There is a free version available to try as well if you wish to do so before purchasing. I highly recommend it and it certainly is a great way to show off all that your device is capable of. You'll be amazed at all the wonders you'll see. 

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