Staples Coupon

Whether you have been waiting to gather all the funding, hoping for a sale or in the market for a second BlackBerry PlayBook, Staples has made a deal that is a bit difficult to resist. Currently Staples has a coupon that lasts until the end of this month that will drop the price of select tablets $100 and unlike the Kindle or HP Touchpad, the PlayBook is not excluded from the deal. That means you -- yes you -- can print the coupon out, go to your local Staples and grab a brand new BlackBerry PlayBook for $100 less than what you originally intended on paying! The deal is only valid until July 30th and unfortunately only applies to US based stores, but it is definitely not something you want to miss out on. Have you picked one up on this coupon or plan to in the coming days? Be sure to let us know about it in the forums. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!