Stack4 - which is free to download for all BlackBerry 10 devices - puts a new spin on the old game of connect 4 (four in a row) and it's a little gem.

There are currently two parts to the game. The Classic Game is complete, but there's also an Arcade Mode which although works, it is still in beta and the developer openly says there may be bugs that need to be ironed out.

Let's look at the Classic Game first. Here you are presented with a cube onscreen and its just a case of tapping the display where you want to drop your piece. Then the computer will have his go if you are playing the single player mode. The first one to get four blocks in a row is the winner. Where the game takes a twist is that you can rotate the main cube and also drop your pieces on any of the cubes four sides. This means you could have three adjoining pieces on one side of the cube and then drop the fourth on another side which will still be classed as getting four in a row. It's kind of hard to describe well so I'd recommend watching the video if you can. Or just download it as the game is free.

The Arcade Mode offers up some extra goodness. Here, random blue blocks will fall into the cube and if you place one of your pieces on top of one you will earn the special power that the blue piece contains. There are such things as explosives - which when selected allow you to 'long hold' on an opponents piece to blow it up - or a spray can which will change an opponents piece from his color to yours. As I said, this part of the game is still in beta but it's a great sign of what's to come.

The graphics and colors are extremely pleasing on the eye and for a free game this one is pretty darn hot.

Features of Stack4 include:

  • Play the 2D classic in a beautiful 3D environment
  • All new "Arcade Mode" featuring useful extras
  • Classic game mode "four in a row"
  • Player vs. player on the same device
  • Simple AI to practice

Coming soon

  • Singleplayer mode
  • Hardcore AI Difficulty
  • Network multiplayer
  • Many more extras

What are you waiting for? Go and have a game of Stack4 now!

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