Although an Android port the St John Ambulance First Aid application for BlackBerry 10 works like a dream. If you need to have quick and easy access to a whole variety of health related problems and injuries then this one is worth checking out.

The user interface is kept pretty clean with just four tabs at the base of the display and then the rest of the screen is taken up with the different injuries. The four tabs include - Emergency, Techniques, Minor and St John's info.

Selecting an injury will then offer you a few more options. Let's look at Choking for example. There are two options given - Adult/Child and Infant. Clearly due to a baby being a lot more fragile than an adult the choking techniques are very different and this is a perfect example of how in-depth the app is. As well as being presented with written instructions you do also get some basic images to assist with the procedure.

St John - Choking

The St John app is free to download so you haven't really got an excuse not to have it. I would highly recommend having the app on your BlackBerry just in case of an emergency. You never know what's around the next corner.

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